Our 360° approach ensures that we provide our Customers all tools and technologies required for operating successful digital business models in all industry verticals

Based on our extensive experience of 15 years in providing e-commerce systems, we have hand-picked a comprehensive portfolio of technologies which empower our clients to operate all aspects of their digital business models with the best tools available.

The e-commerce platforms we represent, Hybris Software (an SAP Company) and Intershop are both leading e-commerce platforms deployed as the backbone for several of the largest e-commerce sites in the world during the past 10 years. With these platforms we have delivered 15 centralized e-commerce solutions to our customers during the past few years.

In addition to the world-class e-commerce platforms, our technology portfolio covers a wide range of other technologies for the following fields of digital business models:


  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Content management (CMS & DAM)
  • Order management (OMS)
  • Payment systems and recurring billing
  • CRM and Customer Interaction
  • Marketing and Analytics






Hybris and SAP Cloud CRM together form the integrated SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce product offering. Hybris has been evaluated by independent research firms as the market leading solution for product information management and e-commerce. It consists of a modular platform covering enterprise-level needs regardless of industry vertical of the customers. Hybris clients include e.g. Nikon, Asics, H&M, Rexel, Intel and SCA.

SAP Cloud CRM offers a solution for modern customer relationship management in various fields (Customer, Sales, Service) and is integrated seamlessly with Hybris. Hybris and SAP CRM enable the creation of unparalleled personalized services to customers and provide superiorly integrated and unified customer experiences in all service channels.

Smilehouse is the leading supplier of Hybris in the Nordic countries and we have been in charge of more than 20 projects on the platform.





Intershop has for years been on the top in the enterprise category of platform evaluations by independent research firms. Intershop is a modular solution that covers all requirements of an ecommerce platform and consists of modules for product information management, content management, order mgmt, customer insights and analytics, as well as customer service.

Intershop’s clientele consists of global operators in all branches of business. Intershop is regarded as the “best of breed” solution for its process support for complex ecommerce processes. Intershop is also tightly integrated with Salesforce CRM.

26% of Intershop customers operate ecommerce solutions that generate an annual online turnover of more than 100 M €. Intershop is by companies such as Gigantti, Stadium, Wurth, Deutsche Telecom, Axfood, Bosch, Merck and Hewlett Packard.


photo by: Jorg Hackemann

Offering high quality and rich customer experience while maintaining a cost-efficient customer service function may prove extremely challenging with existing customer service tools that are not designed for handling the interplay of several channels in the modern multichannel context.

In order to fulfil the demands of rich and engaging customer experience, the e-commerce operator needs to have tools available for extensive real-time utilization of customer data. Information on the customer’s activity in the e-commerce service channel has to be collected and available for other customer service channels and vice versa. In addition to our cloud CRM offering we offer various customer management solutions for online channels in order to cover all interaction points of the customer journey. Our portfolio consists of everything from chat and guided selling tools to broader customer interaction platforms and even customer service bots capable of providing fully automated customer service across all touch points.


Order and warehouse management process capabilities play a critical role in modern multichannel business models as enablers of great customer experience, but also as enablers of sustainable online business models. Integrated and optimized operations of several warehouses, shops and third-party delivery channels are a prerequisite for functioning multichannel concepts. We offer a range of new tools addressing the shortcomings of traditional ERP-capabilities in these areas.

We provide our customers various solutions from extensive order management process engines to lighter solutions that provide tools for e.g. integrated management of the customers own storefront, while simultaneously selling products in third party marketplaces. Our solution offering also covers transport administration for optimizing logistics operations.

We provide both market leading order management software and build customer-specific order management- process capabilities based on leading open source technologies, such as Java, Spring and leading integration platforms.


Order management processes play a critical role for physical products whereas very different modes of order and delivery management are required for sales of entitlements for digital products and services. In these business models, critical back-end capabilities refer to management of recurring billing, entitlements, subscriptions and tangible / intangible product-service combinations.

We deliver the leading cloud-based software solutions for businesses needing these capabilities for introducing new kinds of offerings and business models to their customers. The products we offer address these challenges both in B2C and B2B context. Most typical applications are in software sales, telco, the digital vertical and sales of industrial services with subscription business models.

We have extensive experience with all local payment providers and for years we have integrated the services of international PSPs for the use of our customers’ global ecommerce operations. We also provide solutions for mobile payments offered by established players and are familiar with the
solutions provided by emerging innovators.


Product Information Management

Processes for creating, enriching and maintaining product information are complex and expensive in all fields of business but also vital for operating digital business models. Our product range includes the world’s leading PIM software solutions for centralised management of product information, which boosts distribution of product information and significantly increases the quality of the information.

We deliver PIM solutions as part of the overall architecture for digital business models but also as independent projects to serve as the centralised instance of all sales and marketing product information for all enterprise-wide needs. As part of the PIM solution, we also provide tools for managing the translation processes.

Content Management

The leading e-Commerce platforms offer great tools for content management and personalization but in the later phases of the service’s lifecycle it might become clear that these capabilities should be broadened with additional tools. Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer various add-ons in order to create richer content and for enhancing the customer experience.

Our technology portfolio includes traditional DAM solutions but we also offer innovative DAM products designed specifically for digital businesses. These functionalities solve challenges in creating and publishing rich content for e-commerce and complement the capabilities of e-commerce platforms for content management. We also cover lighter add-ons such as presenting customer recommendations and ratings to deliver the customer highly valued additional information
on products.


photo by: mamahoohooba

Boosting sales by attracting new customer groups as well as activating existing customers requires new marketing tools for online channels. Identifying target groups, planning activities and agile further development of activities based on analytics has to be automated both in B2C and B2B business activities. Monitoring the customer throughout the customer journey is crucial. In addition to tactical operations inside the online storefront, the operator needs to optimize marketing and identify customer trends and behaviour patterns. This requires combining information from various service channels in order to create deep understanding of customers on an individual basis.

Our solution offering covers both overall solutions for online marketing and analytics but also lighter solutions which cover certain aspects or subareas of online marketing activities. We deliver leading solutions for automation of marketing activities, product recommendations, search result optimization and dynamic bundling. We are very familiar with the most used solutions for analytics and offer add-ons for these broader analytics solutions.


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