With Sole Focus on eCommerce, Digitization and Digital Transformation have been our Everyday Life Since 1999.

Smilehouse is an e-commerce specialist firm supporting enterprises on all aspects of their digital business models. We have fifteen years of experience in designing and developing concepts and solutions in the most challenging programs of the Nordics, and have always delivered our projects on time with exceptional quality.

In addition to our expertise in technology, architecture, processes, and operative models, we are capable of addressing all additional challenges the customer may face in various operational areas of their digital business. We focus on five industry verticals comprising of teams which combine both technology and industry specific business experts all committed on delivering ultimate value to our customers.

Our organization in Finland employs approximately 90 highly experienced project managers, management consultants, architects, application developers, user interface designers and usability experts. In addition, the centralized Support Operations Team is located in Finland. Our local resources are complemented by our Competence Center in Eastern Europe. This combination allows us to provide an optimal mix of local top experts and scalable resources for our customers.



















We are a specialist firm offering our services for extremely challenging e-commerce and digital business initiatives. We are constantly expanding our industry-teams with the best experts of various touch points of digital business models.

Our success and growth is based on our employees who are highly committed to delivering results to our customers and always exceeding their expectations. We are known for our award-winning team spirit and strong culture of achieving tremendous results together.

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Smilehouse has built strategic partnerships with actors who complement our offering by providing quality and expertise in their respective fields and commit to our high quality standards.


Our implementation partners work with us to deliver joint projects in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic countries. Together we form a resource pool of some 250 e-commerce experts and 200 SAP professionals. We provide local operating services and are capable of managing decentralized project deliveries across all continents through our global partner.


We offer a comprehensive range of highly skilled professionals through our carefully evaluated strategic nearshoring partners. Each of these companies have gone through a rigorous certification process and adhered to Smilehouse’s high quality standards. With the help of these partners, we are capable of providing our customers cost-efficient and scalable project organizations without making compromises on quality.


Our global hosting partner allows us to provide the option of creating truly international hosting services and maintenance models, especially for projects which emphasize global governance, global auditing schemes, as well as local support for the organization on all continents in dozens of locations around the world.


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