We enable the successful launch of digital business models from the first design stages to the delivery of the complete solution and its on-going high-quality operation.

Smilehouse focuses on providing consulting services for digital business models as well as solution deliveries and continuous development for the solutions. We are the most experienced service provider in the Nordic countries in concept creation of e-commerce business models, their architectures and process designs as well as solution deliveries. Our services comprehensively cover all the areas required for the creation and updating of digital business models.

We provide e-commerce solution deliveries with the world’s leading technologies. Our solution deliveries typically consist of enterprise-wide centralised e-commerce platforms, product information and content management solutions, order management solutions and solutions for multichannel customer service.

To date, we have delivered projects in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia and implemented numerous services that are used around the world. In addition, we have also delivered local services to countries such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia and China.

Smilehouse offers application management services that are optimised for the management and maintenance of business critical transactional digital services. We take responsibility for management and governance of decentralized delivery models and deliver application and hosting services together with our partner network, ensuring that the services are highly available and usable in all parts of the world.



We offer a broad range of services around digital transformation and for creating and developing online business models. We help our customers carry out large strategic transformation programmes and design and optimise the core processes and operational models required for successful digital business operations. We plan the optimum, business-supporting IT-architecture for the customer-specific environment and ensure the quality and usability of data without compromises.



  • We are a trusted advisor for our customers in the planning and management of strategic digital transformation programmes in making transformation happen in practice as concrete operational changes. We translate business requirements into services which offer excellent customer experiences for end users and enable the successful introduction of new service channels and the fulfilment of business objectives.

  • Our services cover customer-specific planning, design and optimisation of the core processes and operations required to bring digital business models into life. We design online business processes in order management, product and customer information management, customer service and sales, and payments to name a few. During the last ten years, we have helped design the ecommerce processes and operations for several global industrial manufacturers, numerous large retailers, for global software sales and for technical wholesalers.

  • We take into account all the processes related to data creation and maintenance that are required to operate successful digital business models. We ensure that the quality and consistency of our customers’ product information (PIM and DAM) are at a sufficient level and improve the cost-efficiency of the enrichment of the information without compromising on the quality of the data. We take into account the productive use of customer data and analytics and advise our customers in the best practices of content production.

  • We design scalable and future-proof IT architectures for our clients which serve as the backbone of group-wide online business models, taking into account both current and future requirements. We develop customer-specific 3-5 year roadmaps simultaneously securing the scalability of architecture requirements hand in hand with the growth of the business and its needs.

    Typically we address topics such as whether to continue on developing capabilities of the components in the current architecture or whether to introduce new capabilities to replace them. We further address questions such as whether to build capabilities for digital business model requirements with all-around tools vs. integrating best of breed solutions for specific functional areas with each other. We focus on ensuring that the architecture is in line with the strategic transformation taking place in the business.


Smilehouse is the most experienced e-commerce solution provider in the Nordic countries. During the past ten years, we have delivered more than 50 e-commerce systems across the spectrum of business verticals. Our comprehensive and all-encompassing experience in the design and operationalization of digital business models makes Smilehouse and excellent partner for delivering outstanding solutions with which our customers can offer excellent services to their end users profitably and cost-efficiently.

We deliver world leading e-commerce platforms, customer management solutions, centralized systems for product information management, content management tools and order management solutions which enable optimized management of orders and warehouse efficiency.

We have implemented integrations to more than 50 systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, SCM, TA etc.) and have a large library of reusable components for integrations between various back-end systems and e-commerce platforms.


Smilehouse has developed comprehensive application management services for e-commerce solutions and systems, to ensure robust maintenance and flexible continuous development. We ensure that the requirements set for business critical transactional systems will always be met in terms of for example availability, data security and monitoring.

The continuous development of the systems are always delivered by teams with in-depth knowledge of the customer-specific solution. The development teams of Smilehouse in Eastern Europe enable the cost-efficient implementation of large further development projects. We are also able to provide local continuous development in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and Russia in co-operation with our partners who are equally focused on e-commerce compared to us.

We manage the further development processes and govern the continuous services and activities both at the centralized level as well as in cases of decentralized delivery models. We take full responsibility of architectural topics and technologies, and ensure that all development activities are conducted on sustainable grounds. Our application management services cover all the areas of the service management of business-critical applications with ITIL-consistent practices and principles. We also deliver the most essential support and solution services 24/7/365 to secure that the service will run and generate business at all times.


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