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Our success as an eCommerce specialist firm is fully attributable to the fact that Smilehouse has, and is able to on-board the best experts for different roles who are all committed on working together on delivering tremendous results to our Customers. The field we operate in is very extensive and requires knowledge from very different areas, ranging from topics such as industry-specific supply chain processes to modernising the customer service functions and further making use of customer data in a productive way – just to give examples. We never compromise on quality, whether a consulting assignment or solution delivery and we guarantee that Smilehouse can offer you very challenging opportunities for professional development in new domains.

We operate mainly in the Nordics, but our Customers utilise our services on a global scale and we have also conducted consulting assignments and project deliveries for example in Russia the US, Singapore, Sweden and Norway. We are willing to offer a very competitive salary and employment benefits. We give very much attention to employee satisfaction to be able to support our staff in the best possible way and enable them to focus fully on the demanding assignments they are working with.


When recruiting young talents we focus on the person’s willingness and desire to become an all-around specialist in digital business models and e-commerce – apart from their main focus of work, our Analysts and Management Consultants also understand technology and architectures and respectively our Architects and Developers possess a good understanding of digital business models as a whole.

We are always readily available to discuss co-operation opportunities with leading experts in their respective fields:


  • Business Process- and e-Commerce Operations Management Experts (supply chains, MDM, PIM, online-marketing, CRM, WM, BI, order management)
  • Management Consultants with extensive experience in one or several industry verticals which we operate in (Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, FMCG, Telco&Digital)
  • Application Specialists and Consultants (e-com. Platforms, CRM, ERP, PIM, CMS)
  • Architects (e-commerce, e-com. Platforms, ERP, OMS, PIM)
  • Developers (e-com. Platforms, SAP, CMS, CRM, OMS, PIM)
  • Project Managers and -Directors (e-commerce, ERP, OMS, or other relevant transactional systems)
  • Service Managers (business-critical global applications)
  • Integration Specialists



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We Honor and Live Up to Our Core Values





We strive for open communication and transparency


We value quality and do things right the first time


We are passionate about technology and learning


We welcome big challenges and learn from our mistakes


We build happy teams



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